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Hi there. You clicked the link in the footer, so I’ll assume you are interested in web stuff. If you are looking to learn more about how to build a website that gets found in Google and converts leads into customers you are moving in the right direction.

My name is Jade Barham, owner and lead consultant at Flick Digital. We build mobile-friendly websites with a focus on search engine optimization and conversion – getting your website ranked in Google, and making it easy for your visitors to happily buy from you.


Well, because she is awesome, provides incredible service to her guests, and deserves to rank top of Google for what she does.

When I met Jenne I was amazed at how much she had done herself over the years. As well as building multiple local businesses, she had been designing and building websites as well as driving guests the length and breadth of Hawke’s Bay.

She knew she needed some help, and having been harassed via email by multiple companies offering to build her a responsive website and increase her online presence, she was happy to meet a Hawke’s Bay local who understands Digital Marketing and knows how to break it down in layman terms.

In our words “we build great looking, mobile-friendly websites that rank in Google, get more visitors, and help you get more business.” It sounds good, but can we prove it asides from this kind of thing?


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Yes we can, but in the end it comes down to whether or not you got more sales, so while we provide great data, we don’t fluff it up. The main thing is we understand that sales don’t just come from getting on page one of Google for your keywords. They come from understanding your key customers.

I go into real detail in the discovery phase and ask a lot of my clients. I have detailed onboarding systems in place, and once we are rolling we help you build a site your visitors will love, that will make them want to buy your products and use your services.

Because you rock, and we’ll help you show them just how much.

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Check out the Flick Digital website to learn more about how our Web Design & SEO services could help grow your business.

Details few people actually read

I run numerous tests and provide clients with all the details.

  • Speed tests to prove the site loads fast.
  • Mobile-friendly tests to show there aren’t any errors.
  • Reports from Google to show the site is indexed correctly.
  • SEO reports to highlight what has been done and what could do with ongoing work.
  • Uptime monitoring and more.

Following the site going live clients receive online tutorials on how to edit content and images themselves.

For 3 months following we monitor analytics, uptime and keyword ranking, run SEO audits, take care of backups, run user-tests, and generally look after you and the site.

We have a monthly service option where we take care of this for as long as you need, also providing monthly analytic reports, SEO services and more.

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Learn more

Check out the Flick Digital website to learn more about how our Web Design & SEO services could help grow your business.

How did we do?

This website went live in mid-2016 and within a month was on the first page of Google for four target keywords – “bike tours napier”, “napier bike tours”, “hawkes bay bike wine tours” and “napier bike hire”. It has been user tested and undergone several reviews following detailed customer feedback. Jenne had the busiest season since her business started, and received great feedback from guests about how easy the site is to use.

Not big traffic keywords, but targeted, and not bad, really, with 100 organic searches a month from these alone.

bike about tours keyword rankings

More Info

To learn how Flick Digital can help you please check out our website. I hope to hear from you, dig into your business, and see how we can improve your business online.

Onwards and upwards,

Jade Barham
Owner / Lead Consultant
Flick Digital – Web Design & SEO Agency based in Hawke’s Bay, NZ

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