Map of the Hawke’s Bay Cycle Trails

Our grateful thanks to the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council for use of Hawke’s Bay Trails map. Click on the coloured ride index below the map – it will take you to the correct Cycle Trail page.

Dark Blue: Trail 830
Bay View Panoramic Loop. Suits riders with medium to high fitness level. 40km.

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Orange: Trail 513
Ahuriri, Westshore and Bay View. Entire loop is 28km.

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Red: Trail 512
Coastal & Inland Pathways.
Water Ride entire loop – 28 to 39km.

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Orange + Red: Trail 514
Coastal & Inland Pathways, Ahuriri, Westshore and Bay View. Entire loop is 68km.

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Brown: Trails 501, 503, 505 & 508
501: Napier Historic Wineries 39kms
503: Wine & Chocolates 14kms
505: Puketapu Loop 25kms
508: Wine, Ale & Cider 14kms

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Lime Green: Trail 716
Coastal Settlements. Drop off and collection. Distance from Black Bridge to the end of the road is 8.2km.

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Purple: Trail 516
A full loop of the Riverbank Pathways.
The entire loop is 53km.

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Dark Yellow: Trail 614
Hastings Icons. One way 25kms. Look in Cycle Holidays itinerary.

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Yellow: Trail 613
Gimblett Gravels / Ngatarawa Wineries. Drop off and collection.

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Blue: Trail 718
I Way Trail, Hastings & Havelock North Wineries, collection at the end of the trail.

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Green: Trail 717
Landscapes Trail – Tuki Tuki Valley. Drop off and collection.
Black Bridge back to Black Bridge – 37km.

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Lime green + Forest Green: Trail 719
Coastal Settlements & Havelock North Wineries. Drop off & collection. Cycle 24 to 29km.
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